Move to a Full Solar System for $0

To date, over a Quarter Million US Homes have chosen us and have moved to renewable, green energy.

How it works:

It's very simple. We set you up with a full blown, top of the line solar system, at zero cost to you.

From that point on, you purchase clean, low-cost electric power, directly from Colorado Solar Solution or one of our solar providers, right at the source.

You will save up to 30% on your electric bill, but most importantly, you are playing an active role in protecting the environment and our future.

It's called​ Solar as a Service.



"In 2019 alone we helped almost 1000 Denver households move to solar.

In 2020, we are hoping to help over 2000 more!"

"What they have done is absolutely genius. In just two years I've saved almost $2,400 in electric bills, reduced my carbon footprint by a long shot, and with that money took my wife to ski Vail for a week. It paid for our winter ski trip! And it cost me ZERO!"   - David F.

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1 in 3 Homes Qualify for Free Solar!





You get all of the Benefits, none of the costs.

  1. Lower your monthly electric bill by up to 30%. You will now receive energy from us at a much lower rate than your current provider - which means you will have hundreds or even thousands of dollars to put towards vacations, home improvements, spoil your spouse or kids, fun hobbies - instead of pouring your hard-earned money into electric bills.

  2. Shield yourself from rising energy costs. Power companies typically increase rates every year or two, but you will have locked low rates for up to 25 years. In the last 15-20 years the cost of electric power has doubled. If you do nothing, in 10-20 years your electric bill will likely be double.

  3. Worry-free performance and maintenance. With Solar as a Service, you get more than just home solar—you get worry-free energy with maintenance, monitoring, insurance, and peace of mind for the entirety of the service. Once you make the switch to solar, we install the panels, maintain your system, and provide you daily system monitoring. We also insure your roof and guarantee that it will stay watertight. You will have 100% green energy, with 100% peace of mind.

  4. Add value to your home at zero cost. The average solar system is worth over $20,000 - it provides you with low cost energy and protects your roof, adding instantly value to your home and property.

  5. Run your home on renewable, solar energy. You will actively help preserve the environment - which means a better future for you, your spouse, kids, friends, and everyone you love.

It is NOT a system you will entirely own - though it will provide you all the amazing benefits of one.

It is NOT available to everyone. You need to qualify - though 1 in 3 homes qualify. Get your Free Info Packet and see if you qualify by taking the 30-second quiz.

It is NOT available everywhere in Colorado - though if you live around Denver, you're in luck!

It IS a full solar system that will cost you ZERO dollars out of pocket.


It IS a solution that will save you thousands and thousands on electric costs every year, for many years.

It IS a system that will provide you clean, renewable energy, and will add value to your property. (the avg system value is over $20,000)

It DOES come with industry leading guarantees and service. We do all the paperwork, permits, installation, maintenance, daily monitoring, and also insure your roof.

What it is, What it isn't

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