Did you know you can slash your electric bill by up to 30% and go solar, 100% for Free?

The next 3 minutes of reading will save you thousands.

Here's why over a Quarter Million US Households (yes, 250000+)

have chosen us and have moved to renewable, solar energy.

It's called​ Solar as a Service.

60-Second Pre-Approval Quiz





​What is Solar as a Service?

It is NOT a system you will entirely own, as if you just bought one outright.

It is NOT available to everyone, you need to be eligible for it. See if you qualify by taking the quiz.

It is NOT available everywhere in Colorado - but only in specific areas, and exclusively through Colorado Solar Solutions and our partners.

It IS a solar solution that will cost you ZERO dollars out of pocket.


It IS a system that will save you thousands and thousands on electric costs for many years.

It IS a full solar system that will provide you clean, renewable energy. (avg system value over $20,000)

It DOES come with industry leading guarantees and service. We do all the installation, maintenance, daily monitoring, and also insure your roof.

So how does this work?

It's very simple.

The first step is to qualify. Qualification depends on different factors, which range from location, to credit score, the type of roof you have, how much sun your roof is exposed to, among other things. On average,  2 in 3 homeowners that take the 60 second Pre-Approval Quiz, qualify.

Upon qualification, one of our Denver agents will contact you within 24 hours to answer any questions.

If Solar as a Service is something you would like to explore, one of our teams of engineers will then take a look at your roof, home, and put together a plan - then present it to you. We are here to guide you along the way and we’ll tailor a home solar system to fulfill the needs of your home and lifestyle. We’ll even take care of any paperwork, permits, and handle all aspects of your battery and solar panel installation.

Once everything is reviewed and looks good, you will soon have a full solar system installed, at zero cost to you!

From this point on, the benefits you will experience are countless:

  1. Your monthly bill will be lower by up to 30%. You will now purchase energy from us or one of our partners, at a much lower rate than your current power provider.

  2. You will shield yourself from rising energy costs. Power companies typically increase rates every year or two - but you will have locked in, low rates, for up to 25 years!

  3. Worry-free performance and maintenance. With Solar as a Service, you get more than just home solar—you get worry-free energy with maintenance, monitoring, insurance, and peace of mind for the entirety of the service. Once you make the switch to solar, we install the panels, maintain your system, and provide daily system monitoring. We also insure your roof and guarantee that it will stay watertight.

  4. Add value to your home at zero cost. The average solar system we install costs over $20,000 - it provides you with low cost energy and protects your roof, adding value to your home.

  5. Your home will run on renewable, solar energy. You will actively help to preserve the environment.

In 2019 alone we helped almost 1000 Denver households move to solar.

In 2020, we are hoping to help 2000 more.


Want to see if you qualify for a zero cost full solar system?
Simply take the 60-Second Pre-Approval Quiz, and you will know shortly.





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